Meet Carmela, a 25-year-old case worker at an insurance agency. Her hair has grown out into a bit of a ‘nothing’ style, and she was keen to make a major change with Julie Peacocke, Director at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup (who, fun fact, also does Claudia Karvan’s hair).

And just watch what happened. Read about the process involved in this chop (or see stills, if you don’t have time to watch the video) below.

This transformation took Julie Peacocke, Salon Director, 4 hours to accomplish.

“This was a complete makeover. My client hadn’t had any thing happen in her hair for months and it had just grown out into nothing. It was the perfect opportunity to take a blank canvas and make it a statement, especially with the colour.

I wanted to play with a kaleidoscope of colour within the boundaries of natural hair. So I created highlights that had green, blue and turquoise all in the one highlight to create an ombre effect. The colour was a subtle statement of attitude that you would only capture glimpses of, in the haircut. It’s about creating sophisticated colour that’s also creative: you could wear to the office without it being considered too far out there”.

The transformation was created with ombre style foil highlights that are designed to show glimpses of bright emeralds, peacock blue and turquoise scattered throughout the hair.

“We then wanted to create a dark base to give the hair a clean, freshness that would help show off the creative flashes, we did this by tinting her hair, roots to ends, in a deeper darker matt brown.

The cut was a complete redesign: we wanted the hair to move. My client wanted to keep some length and I wanted texture that could be made to shake out on the dance floor. So I used a texturing technique that is very different to layering – you get to keep the length but also gain heaps of shape and movement.

The fringe was pivotal to give the hair some strong direction and to open up my client’s face so you could see her amazing eyes.

We took off an inch on the length but the texture was created by taking 1-4 inches in scattered sections all over her head.

The foils are created twice with this look; the first highlights are designed to lighten the hair so that the rich colours can be seen. The second highlights are where the colour is applied. I layered blue, green and turquoise on each foil starting at the roots with the blue”.

“With specialty colour like this, you need to allow the time as everything is unpredictable so a stylist needs to keep their wits about them and plan everything within an inch of its life as each step evolves. That way the result will always look amazing”.

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